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TPK INTER FOODS Company is a tropical dried fruits manufacturing company. Located in Thailand “the center of the universe for tropical fruits”. Thanks to the fresh and tasty tropical fruits which is available locally here, it made us able to produce such a delicious and yummy tropical dried fruit for the world.

The key to our superior product quality start from the mindful selection of the right raw materials. Pass through our hand picked quality control before, during and after the production process until we packaged it in to the packaging.


Our compact size factory was established in 2016. Considering quite a young enterprise, but the founder and managements are decades long, experienced and passionate in tropical dehydrated fruits industry. Unlike the mass scale big factory, our smaller scale factory are able to focus more on product quality and customers’ special requirements which make us quickly know in the industry in just few years.


Low Sugar Soft Dried

“Dried Mango”
“Dried Jackfruit”
“Dried Baby Pineapple”
“Dried Durian”
“Dried Mangosteen”


In Mueang Samut Sakhon District

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